CASE Advocacy and Education Clinic


Evanston CASE Advocacy and Education Clinic provides in-depth, personalized support services for families navigating the special education system in Evanston.

How can services through the Clinic help you?  Whether you are new to the world of special education or you are a “veteran” of the process, CASE can guide you and advise you to achieve your educational goals for your child.  If you have tried to secure appropriate services and/or placement for your child and have encountered resistance, or your requests have been denied or you feel the school cannot meet your child’s needs, we can help.

Our Services

  • Document Organization Session:  Organize the chaos of paperwork with an easy system.  Bring your documents.  Materials will be provided. $75 for a 90-minute session.
  • Parent Self-Advocacy Coaching: A professional special education advocate will teach you about your rights under special education law, the steps of the IEP or 504 Plan process and strategies to help you communicate your child’s needs effectively.   You will learn the skills you need to be an effective advocate for your child. $150
  • In-depth Consultation:  A professional special education advocate will evaluate your situation, review your child’s records and develop a strategy to achieve your goals.  $150 for consultation. $100/hour for records review if needed.
  • IEP Meeting Prep and Review Sessions: The purpose of a Meeting Prep session is to help you understand and interpret the IEP document and to develop and plan to address your concerns at your school meeting.  The purpose of a Meeting Review session is to discuss the outcome of your meeting and to assist you with next steps. $150 for Prep or Review, $250 for both.

To schedule an appointment or ask questions about our fees and services, contact us at or (847) 556-8676.