About CASE

Since 2008, Evanston CASE has provided Community, Advocacy, Support and Education for families affected by special needs.  Our goal is to empower parents so that they can secure appropriate educational services for their child. We provide support to reduce the isolation and stress that goes along with raising a child with a disability and promote the inclusion of families and children in school and community activities and programs. Evanston CASE is uniquely situated to be the go-to place for families whose children have special needs. We serve parents and caregivers with children aged 3 to 22 who attend Evanston public and private schools.

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Over 1,500 students in the Evanston community receive special education services in our schools.  In other words, more than 1,500 families are facing the complex challenges involved in raising a child with special needs.  These children and families are grappling with disabilities including autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, mood disorders and cerebral palsy, to name a few. Their lives are drastically different from families who have typically developing children. 

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Navigating the special education process is complex and overwhelming for many parents. Without the services that CASE provides, parents enter into the special education system unprepared to understand how to secure the appropriate services their children require, and that school districts are legally required to provide, in order to ensure their child’s success in school. Parents are overwhelmed by the information they receive from school staff, they do not know how to communicate their child’s needs and the resulting impact on their functioning at school, and they do not understand how to evaluate the progress or effectiveness of the IEP or 504 Plan.  In short, parents cannot be equal participants in this high-stakes process.  Parents want to rely on the expertise of school personnel to address their child’s needs, however, sometimes the schools fail to provide their legally mandated responsibilities to appropriately educate their child (through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act — IDEA and the Americans with Disabilities Act — ADA).

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Parenting a child with special needs can be an isolating and painful experience. CASE provides supportive spaces where parents and caregivers can share their experiences and help one another relieve the sense of isolation often felt by parents of children with special needs.

Navigating the school system, searching for inclusive programs in the community, living with family and financial stressors and finding a place of belonging — free of stigma — are central to the lives of these families and Evanston CASE is uniquely situated to address these issues. The services that Evanston CASE provides are urgently needed in our community. Through the execution of our mission, we have demonstrated a significant and positive impact on the experience of the families who have children with special needs.

CASE provides Community, Advocacy, Support and Education to improve the lives of families affected by special needs.

We care deeply about children with disabilities and their families. We are proud and privileged to do this important work. We welcome your participation and support.  If you are interested in contributing or volunteering, please contact us at mail@evanstoncase.org.