Evanston CASE “Parent-Endorsed” Resources

The resources on this list are not endorsed by Evanston CASE, Inc., but rather are compiled from the thoughtful recommendations of our parents. Please note that everyone has different experiences. The resource providers on this list may not be best for your individual child. Resources are being updated all the time.  Check back or contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Autism Treatment / Services

Autism ABA Therapy, Comprehensive Early Autism Services.

Pediatric Developmental Center,

Have Dreams

Autism Family Center

Pediatric Developmental Center.

BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst)

Jim Kling, Alternative Teaching,

Gwen Fiske, Mason Intervention,

AFG Guidance Center.  Offers Neurobehavioral Therapy.


Chiropractic First,


Jason Glick at North Shore Dentistry for Children. 1560 Sherman Ave, Ste 610, Evanston, Illinois 60201

Developmental Pediatricians/Pediatricians

Dr. Peter Smith, Univ of Chicago,

Dr. Evora Brent 1000 Central Street, Evanston,

Dr. Sarah Bauer, Lurie Children’s Hospital,

Dr. Cesar Ochoa, Rush University Medical Center

Dr. Cathy DiVincenzo, KidsFirst Pediatric Partners.

Dr. Alan Rosenblatt,

Driver’s Education

NorthShore University Health System, Rehab Services/Outpatient Occupational Therapy 847-570-1260

Educational Consultants / Post High School Transition Specialists 

Jordan and Jill Burstein, JJB Educational Consulting, Inc.

Karen Mabie, Therapeutic Educational Consultant, The School Solution.

Educational Therapists

James Bendorf, M.Ed.,  Make School Better–m.ed..html

Susan Newman, M.A., ET/P, Learning How to Learn. 1960C Lincoln St, Evanston. (847) 869-6151

Executive Functioning Coaches

AFG Guidance Center.  ADHD coaching therapy.

Beyond Booksmart.  Elementary through college age executive function coaching.

Learning Disabilities

Jordi Kleiner, Ph.D., ET/P, Northshore Learning Clinic

Beyond Book Smart (Executive Function Skills)

Life Skills / Post High School Transition

Center for Independent Futures


Dr. Jeffrey O’Koon, O’Koon Psychology Group

Dr. Lori Tall, Rush Neurobehavioral Center,  4711 Golf Rd., Suite 1100, Skokie (847) 933-9339

Dr. Margot Touris, 910 Skokie Blvd. Suite 207b, Northbrook, (847) 564-3443

Dr. Warren Rosen, PhD.

Dr. Peter Rastrelli, PhD. Psychoeducational Resource Services.

Dr. Heidi Hamernik, PhD, P.C.

Dr. Marjorie Getz, Educational Consulting and Evaluation (ECES), Advocate Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Katherine Holt, PsyD. Gersten Center Behavioral Health

OT / PT / Speech

Beth Osten and Associates,

Wee Speech, Lisa Barich, PT; Julie Levin, SLP; Laura Drower, SLP

North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Center for Audiology, Speech. Language and Communication, Northwestern University (Bilingual, also recommended for wide-ranging evaluations)

Comprehensive SLP,

Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy. Laura Goltz, OT; Maria Koumantos, OT.

Gloria Levin and Mara Levin, OT’s trained in Floor Time: Gloria Levin & Associates, (847) 251-1717

Sweeney, Augustine, and Associates, SLP

Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmologists/Ophthalmologists 

Dr. Marylin Mets, Lurie Children’s Hospital,

Dr. Deborah Fishman, Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Eye Associates.

Psychiatrists — Child and Adolescent


Dr. Scott Feldman.  1840 Oak Ave. Ste 203N, Evanston.  773-343-5437 (Takes insurance)

Dr. Mandy Evans, Northshore Univ. Health,

Dr. Alfreda Grosrenaud, AFG Guidance Center,

Dr. Miroslaw Walo, Advocate Health, Skokie,

Dr. Neil Fialkow

Dr. Gaebler-Spira, Rehab Institute of Chicago.

Recreation/Adaptive Sports/Arts

Rehab Institute of Chicago, Caring for Kids Program,

Institute for Therapy Through the Arts.

Chicago Children’s Theatre, Red Kite Project.

Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding Center. Hippotherapy.

Social Skills

Chava Alpert, MSW, LCSW. Social Endeavors

Mara Lane, M.S., CCC/SLP, Comprehensive SLP, (social thinking/pragmatic language group therapy)

Special Education Attorneys

Moran Center for Youth Advocacy (pro bono legal services)

Equip for Equality (pro bono legal / advocacy services)

Micki Moran, The Child and Family Law Center

Charlie Fox, The Law Offices of Charles P. Fox

Matt Cohen and Associates

Deborah Pergament, Children’s Law Group:

Swimming Lessons


Wildkit Swimming, Learn to Swim program.

Goldfish Swim School, Evanston.

Therapists / Counseling / Mental Health / Social Work / Psychologists

Alissa Levy-Chung, PhD. Clinical psychologist, advocate.

Theresa Herring, MS, AMFT. Centered Connections. Marriage and family therapy.

Rick Simon, M.Ed., LCPC,

Susan Sholtes, LCSW (recommended for young children) Sholtes & Assoc., Ltd.

Cognitive Solutions Learning Center (Therapy for ADD/ADHD, LD, anxiety, depression and PTSD)

Psychoeducational Resources Center, 5225 Old Orchard Road, Skokie

The Josselyn Center, (mental and behavioral health services)

Bridges Program, Northshore University Health

Rebecca Keiffer, LCSW, North Shore Pediatric Therapy.

Chava Alpert, MSW, LCSW. Social Endeavors. (social work/ behavior therapy)

Katherine Holt, PsyD, Gersten Center for Behavioral Health.

Marge Morris (In-home therapy), (847) 864-4919.

Liz Hletko, PsyD. (anxiety, OCD and tic disorders) Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Evanston, IL  (312) 756-0162

Therapeutic/Residential Placement Consultants

Karen Mabie, NCSP, CEP School Consultation Services, LLC.


Anissa Upshaw, MBA, MAT, WDP, private tutoring.  Certified in Wilson Reading System. (630) 207-9291.

Tim Bridgman, Banner Literacy.

Tracy Loland, teacher and LCSW.

Kaitlin Feriante, Wilson tutor.

Debbie Azen certified Slant tutor.

Adria Leno SLP and certified Spell-Links tutor. Communicate and Connect Therapy: 312-208-8266

James Bendorf, M.Ed.,  Make School Better–m.ed..html

Dale Davison.  Executive Function Coach.